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Working remotely? We’ve got you covered.

Flujo is a communication & collaboration suite for teams. With natively built key business essentials like messaging, AV calling, drive, meetings, tasks, calendar, notes, and kanbans, we are on a mission to create happy & productive workspaces.

Working remotely


Organize conversations better!

Stay in sync with your team with our feature rich messenger.

  • One-to-one chat &
    Team chat

    Replace your internal email communication with a powerful, secure, and an easy to use messenger.
  • 1:1 audio & video calls, Group conferencing

    Instantly get on a video call or share your screen with anyone.
  • Threads & mentions

    Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes with threads and nudge anyone from anywhere with @mentions.
  • Unlimited message history

    Combined knowledge of your entire organisation— a simple search away


One place means not all over the place

Give a new dimension to collaboration, quickly share files, assign tasks, set up meetings on the go.

  • Storage is on the house

    Store and Collaborate without any limits with a native drive that offers 100GB of storage per user.
  • Never let a meeting invite slip away!

    Create, manage, and modify your meetings in a jiffy — designed to ensure that you never miss an important event.
  • Chasing goals made simple with tasks

    Quickly assign tasks to yourself or your teams and never let something slip through the cracks.
  • Calendar that looks out for you

    A built-in calendar, deeply integrated with our messenger. Visualize and manage all your tasks and meetings like never before.


Stay on top of your day every day

From paperclips to airplanes, no matter what you make — we’ve got you covered. Sit back and relax while tac takes care of the rest.

  • Organize your projects with Kanbans

    Plan, Visualise, and Execute your workflows with Kanban. With an agile practice like Kanban in place, your projects will never miss a deadline.
  • tac — your very own executive assistant

    Not all superheroes come with a cape, some come with a tail too! Let tac — your very own workplace bot assistant bring all the important updates to you, while you sit back and relax.
  • Create notes & share them

    Your writing pad at work — Capture all your crazy ideas, minutes of your meetings, briefs, etc. and instantly share with your team.
  • Alerts and reminders

    Rest assured about your tasks and deadlines with timely alerts and reminders— directly brought to you by tac.


Bring apps you love and work from a single place.

Unleash the power of oneness with our ever-growing pool of integrations. Do more without having to step out of your messenger — now with your favorite apps connected with Flujo.

Work from home

Work from home

Work seamlessly across Any device

  • Web application

  • Mac OS (Coming soon)

  • Windows Application (Coming soon)

  • iOS app

  • Android app


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